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The Details of Funeral Planning

The funeral or memorial service is an important step toward healing hearts and beginning the process of mending the rip in the social fabric that exists after someone dies. During the funeral arrangement conference, your Funeral Director will guide you throughout the funeral planning process, provide you with clear answers to all your questions, and share his or her insights and experience with you.

The following is an overview of the many aspects of service planning you will discuss during the arrangement conference. If you have any questions about this information, do not hesitate to call.

Where Should it be Held?

Now that you have made the decision regarding burial versus cremation for your loved one, it is time to think about how you would like the service to look, and feel. It is an overall experience for everyone there; a testament to the life of someone you loved, and should illustrate the depth of your caring relationship.

Traditionally, a service is held in the chapel of the funeral home and then proceeds to the cemetery for the interment service. You may also choose to have a service at the graveside only or have the service in your synagogue.

What Day of the Week and Time of the Day are Best?

Naturally, the answer to this question depends on the cemetery you have selected, the Rabbi selected and the timing of religious and secular holidays. 

Who Will Officiate the Service?

You may choose to have your Rabbi or we can secure the services of a Rabbi for you. You may  choose almost anyone who is comfortable with speaking in public and who is knowledgeable about a Jewish funeral service.  We believe it should be someone who cares deeply about guiding those in attendance through the ceremony. The choice is always yours.